yellow drifters flit and glide
rising all around us
like powdered earth
poofing warm around bare toes
wafting clouds of fertile dirt
air close and fragrant rich
• • •
meadow embraces
puffy clouds peek
expansive sky

Gifts of Life

Once on the very tip
of my nose
a butterfly landed…
a kiss that blesses always
Precious are the gifts of Life
Life can be as dramatic
as a tragedy
and as exuberant
as a musical
Your choice…

This marks 1,000 posted napkins!!!

In the Hand

In the Hand

In the HandIn the Hand

Flutter of the softened wing
pumping love
throughout my countenance

connecting my being
spirit to joy
and back again

Downy softness in the hand
worth all the thoughts

blossoming like butterflies
from within the soul

• • • •

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