Life Takes Over

Life just takes over
like a speeding car
with a stuck accelerator
And , then I breathe
Here is the apex moment
where the choice arises
Fight in fear and anger
or surrender to God
And, then I breathe
Centering in being and doing
what I am guided to do

And life takes over…

Free Flow

Every moment
is a miracle

Breath in
the free flow of Spirit
bringing miraculous life
into and out of existence

Breathe out
allow yourself to rest
in the cradle of life
the moment of peace

Today, I breathe Life…

Cycle of Sacred Inspiration

There is a never-ending
supply of inspiration
Breathe it in
inhale the sweet perfume of Life
absorb it into every pore, every cell
In the moment of silence
listen to the whispers in the heart
Then exhale into “creativity”
release the flow of sacred breathe
There, in that quiet before inspiration
an infinite opportunity
the grace of gratitude…