Blessings for the Longest Night

Blessings for the Longest Night

Enter Winter Solstice, 
Longest night is near
Hear the heart, its’ yearning  
Invokes the light’s return
Mystery all around 
Blessings abound 
May you be surrounded  and in-filled by love and light!


Thanks Giving

Thanks Giving

There is such an abundance of things to be thankful for…
I could start saying them right now,
continue speaking them every moment, every day
from here on
and not have finished on the day I died…
And so I do
Thank you for being part of this abundant life with me.

Finishing Well

The warrior moves 
down the long tunnel
Nearing the light of a new life arena
He has come a long distance
over many years of boredom
and hanging on 
Waiting and praying for this day
with tenacity and grit
As he climbs up the ramp
He hears the welcoming crowd 
cheering him on and blessing him
for a job well done in his own
humble and quiet way
And, as he enters this 
untrodden field of opportunity,
Under the bright klieg lights
He knows in his gut
that he has finished well
and is now ready 
for this next life chapter
of  further adventures
Hip hip hooray!!!

What Do You Say?

“Embrace the impossible,”
was all that she said

Yet like a digging vole
it got ensconced within his head

So blessings came and went

and miracles happened when knees bent

Life stretched to encompass
experience rich and deep
whenever ideas and actions

like a fine cup of tea steeped

• • •

One word, two, or maybe, three

can change the world, and do
every day, all the time

So, what do you say?


There were many
durative superlatives
that she could apply
to his description
Yet, the stunning part
of him to her
was his essence of Love