Birth Day

Birth Day

there is nothing more spiritual
infused with awe and gratitude
imbued with life’s luscious
essence of sacred breath
than entrance into this world
years ago in almost spring
with the innate aplomb
innocence and elemental grit
creation’s nature
you appeared yowling and kicking
a blessing bound forever in my heart
Today is my eldest daughter’s 37th birthday. Happy birthday!!


Bringing Peace

Once, years ago,
on a far off tropical isle
in a forest ranger building
built high up in trees
so wild pigs would not disturb
The woman who brings peace
foretold in name by her grandmother
was born by her mother
witnessed by her father
The soft island breezes
brought a friend and a stranger
women guided like the wise men
to see this gift to the world
She was destined
by the moon and stars
and cradled by the earth itself
We begin in the East

We begin in the East

Stones of Change header
We begin in the east

We Begin in the East

Usually, I start setting up the Stones of Change Medicine map in the East (to my right – which may or may not actually be true East), so we will begin in the East.

This is the spiritual part of the map. It  is the place of birth, where the Great Masters reside, a place of prayer, a place of new beginnings, light, morning,  spring, religion, and spirituality. It is the beginning end of the Blue Road and masculine.

Stones that hold the circle in the East have something to do with spiritual aspects, beings, or characteristics, such as: the light of spirit, joy, truth, destiny, Christ, angels, guides, Goddess, spirit healing, surrender, Buddha, enlightenment etc. When casting stones land in the East, they have to do with spiritual aspects, practice, beliefs or morals.

Any of the ‘negative’ readers are exalted when they land East of the meridian (the middle), so they take on a more refined, and sometimes even positive, meaning.

In the Northeast, stones reflect a philosophical attitude, whereas in the Southeast, stones express a more visceral spirituality.


Joyous Birthing

How can you fill up with any more joy than immersed in the birth of twins? I don’t think there can be hardly any experiences much more joyous than that. Faith and Grace were born on Wednesday this week. I was honored to be there, of support, and able to witness their first moments on this earth outside the womb. At this point there are not a lot of words that approach the intensity and the presence of the eternity of those moments. I only wish to declare my awe in humble gratitude for the immense miracle of life.