Little Bird

Little Bird

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Little Bird

Little Bird

Little bird sits in the South East quadrant of my circle. Little birds naturally sing joyously all day long for the pure joy of it, in full bodied gratitude for the gift of life.

Rejoicing in life fully, little bird blesses us with the song of Spirit.  Any other stones landing near Little Bird are somehow attached to your joy and your gratitude.

This is a conscious practice, and the involvement of this stone in your reading means that you are working consciously to appreciate your gifts in life, and to experience true joy.

In the Hand

In the Hand

In the HandIn the Hand

Flutter of the softened wing
pumping love
throughout my countenance

connecting my being
spirit to joy
and back again

Downy softness in the hand
worth all the thoughts

blossoming like butterflies
from within the soul

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