Sailing through silent waters
breezes tickling hair
caressing face gently
Exhultant music
rising from the chest
bursting with joy
Gliding through silent blue sky
stillness and magic
envelops the moment
Riding softly through the silence
peace, love, joy, bliss within
centers the day

Momma Bird

Momma bird sits

the eye of peace upon me
a pile of sticks and feathers
beneath her
gentle sky peeking
through the greenage above

A gift of love
a piece of peace
laid out before me


the delicate cherry blossoms
drifted down
to the lotus pond
each one softly
it’s mantra of “Peace”
on breezes
ever so faint
Hearts call out
in sacred silence
through the beaked lips
of joyous birds

Year 2 Silence

Clearing the mind
turtle sat in silence
Even while little anties crawled
across her face
she tarried still
in the arms of peace

Daily Napkin for Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Daily Napkin for Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Down by the river
on a ripe Saturday,
purple clouds and azure,
happy otter drifting by,
feelings swift and fluid
Sorrow and joy mingle
in the eddies of my soul
snags of fear grab at
floating ambivalent flotsam,
smile of peace breaks free
takes flight on fluttering wing