Warrior Woman

A beautiful cactus flower
nestled amongst the thorns
Strong and competent
Holding awareness
In the midst of unconsciousness
Always blooming
when needed, at the right moment
A blessing to awaken
those who have fallen asleep
A reminder that beauty and wisdom
Are expressions of Spirit’s strength
Poem by Marshal McKitrick
Image by Dena




once again like clockwork
another reiteration
the tulip magnolia bloomed
a surprise attack in pinks
glorious magnificence
as radiant sumptuousness
wind blew
grey sky blustered
gusts lifted and twirled
thus spring
resplendent prequel


Beauty Is

Mist covered mountains
eyebrows of the Earth
rise up and dance
Mother rolls her
loving eyes at us
Beauty is…

Spring of Life

One tiny thought
watered and sunned
nurtured and supported
Can become anything
your heart desires
So, just like a flower
the many petals of my soul
burst forth in beauty and grace
It is the Spring of life in this moment…

Unique Design

We each wear a beaded belt
of unique and shifting design
Every moment of our lives
 a different shade
a hue of emotions
each cast 
as a light-glittered glass bead
The unique beauty of you