Bear Herself

Bear Herself

Bear – Herself

Bear bows and dips
Pokes and delights
Ever fierce, passionate
Always loving, alive
Bear bless all
Carrys our prayers

Bear walks with wind
knows the medicine
keeps our secrets
tells our tales
Always dancing awake
Dreaming in the cave

Brother Bear Dances

Our brother, Bear,
Awakes with a hunger
A hunger for food
A hunger for life
Dance, Bear dance

Wild Places

In the wild places
where civilization
and wilderness coincide
co-reside and co-exist
Bears take a stroll
in the parking lots
deer eat the pansies
and coyotes track kitty cats
There in that place
wild artists chalked beauty
And a happy porcupine
observed with flying prickles
leaning on elbows
in his wild west wagon of joy…

Bearly Dinner

Bear stood staunch and stoic
anchored like a boulder
midstream at the top of rushing minor waterfall
leaning into all the river pushing against her
massaging her backside

She waited
with absolute faith
and joyous anticipation
until glittering salmon
jumped into her paws and mouth

(No mental gyrations about self-worth and deservedness here…)