Once I had so many words
without depth of meaning
pretty words
Now, I have meaning
sometimes with no words


When you look at
all of the galaxy
all that we are aware
of actually existing
Just think how much
it resembles the spark of life
within an atom
Creation is awesome…


mouth gaping in awe
We gazed at the beauty
with hearts aching…
from expansion
There on the lip
of complete comprehension
There where tears burst forth
in appreciation
Love and gratitude held us tight
in a grip ecstatic
as our spirits danced on Light

Double Rainbow

From the new vantage point
on the rise
as we approached the rest of the day
in chatty conversation
and non-vehement arguments
there appeared the double rich rainbow
so clear and colorful
our mouths were stilled in awe
How is it my heart remains
beating steady in my chest,
as the tears flood my cheeks?
Simple beauty…