Warrior Woman

A beautiful cactus flower
nestled amongst the thorns
Strong and competent
Holding awareness
In the midst of unconsciousness
Always blooming
when needed, at the right moment
A blessing to awaken
those who have fallen asleep
A reminder that beauty and wisdom
Are expressions of Spirit’s strength
Poem by Marshal McKitrick
Image by Dena



On the mountaintop
it’s not easy to see
tiny blue flowers
that grow next to
stream in the valley
Yet, we readily contain
both in our awareness…

Embracing the Tell

Have you ever noticed…
Through the corner of your eye
or the edge of your hearing
without an inkling of a cause
except the tiniest tug in the gut
There on the periphery of perception
some truths lie in wait
 ever since pushed out of focus
on some long ago forgotten date
In an obscure attempt
to adjust with more accuracy
the lenses with a twist of fate
Else, guarding, in a simple
pursuit of happiness
and fed by delusions of denial
or other coping mechanisms
Those there –  tickling
the edges of our awareness
Embrace the tell, turn on the truth
and step into all of you…

Happy Constellation

Toward the front of the experience
where little thoughts had big ideas
epiphanies arose from their lips
Bubbling up from some hidden spring
as they discuss sweet intricacies
of yet another morselled life feast
It was in that happy constellation
that a world of understanding cracked open
As in the course of easy conversation
with words bandied about like batted birdy
that spouting geysers of recognition
bloomed instant grandiosity
“Ah!  Imperfection is our ticket
to earthly manifestation.”

Symphony of Light

Each of our senses
is like a string
on Spirit’s guitar
Do you hear the
symphony playing today?
While a circle
of unbroken awareness
Flows from a fountain
of light misting
from your center