Awakening to the spotted light
hung on crisp breezes
riffling through fresh, green leaves
Syncopated thoughts
join the serrated rhythm
of an early morning dance
The light tickles all the senses
nudging memories
outside the race and keep up
of these quick and scheduled days

Quiet Morning

Grey morning breezes
tickle leaves vibrating
Squirrels still hiding
sleepy heads
Brilliant blooms of yesterday
trying with all their glory
to awaken sunlight
or other colorful thoughts
All are waiting
Quiet morning…

Porch Light

When the light fell on the porch
As twilight descended
And the birds all nestled down
Muted colors and sharp shadows
Slowly transmuted into starkness
At dawn, it is a softening
Until the sunlight’s brilliance
A slow awakening
Until kissed by the warmth
Of his light

Ocean Memory

Within the conch
the memory of the ocean
sings out, always
The symphony of the sea
never forgotten…
• • •
With the conch
we clear the air
while summoning
ancient wisdom
haunting our bones
ocean memory
awakening, tingling
salty water within our bodies
our symphonic instruments

Blooming Factor

The flower bloomed

without thinking about it

In its nature

lies the blooming factor

Barely waiting

to burst forth and rejoice

like a songbird at dawn