Fortune Tellers

Apple blossoms
And worms alike
Are fortune tellers
Foretelling fall harvest
And hot cider by the fire
On a cold, wintery night


Ever think what a strange word that is?
Pumpkin on the step
Pumpkin on the table
Pumpkin in a cookie
Pumpkin in a pie
But, not pumpkin
In my eye, please
And, no pumpkin mask
‘cause all that icky, hairy stuff and smell


Heart’s Nature

And as the balance tipped
Toward the days of shadow

Life falling like leaves
To drift into piles

Or scurry away
According to the whims
Of the wind

Then dreams brightened
Quickened in the bed of silence

Nurtured by the heart’s
Ever hopeful nature

Inner sunshine on a bleak day…


There’s a flowering,
even as winter approaches
multi-petalled blossoms
brilliant colors,
mind explodes in bouquets
of ideas and plans
epiphanies and aha’s
Mum’s the word…
Common blooms extraordinary
as leaves are falling

More Awake

More Awake

The Daily Napkin

more awake

More Awake

There in the depths tendrils with unbelievable strength venture forth, exploring, reaching for sustenance and grace in the moment. All attention is here, seeking —ever present to the warmth of the earth, even while crisp air invites the leaves to dance and stomp with the wind. Not asleep — more awake, seeking…