Shiny Joy

Shiny Joy

His Spirit shines out
like a bright sun

Glorifying his experience
with the joyful Zen-ness of the day

While annealed
in the crucible of experience

My joy response
is very shiny!

Tip of the Iceberg

Overt admiration
bubbles up in the countenances
of those around him

Yet only the tip of the iceberg evidence
of the high regard
in which he is truly held

Golden Hot Seat

Golden ruffles
on the edges of his personality
Outward expressions
of the thick vein within

The shadow of his profile
for purpose of contrast
describe a thin man
while his golden aura
shines bright and true

The rich man rests for a moment only
on the hot throne of gold and jewels
before he takes off again

Unique Spirit’s expression
embodied as man…


The strongest, most resilient cords

The binding of love
the gateway to freedom
to be our authentic selves

Through the years the heart
with tethered memories soars
then comes home to roost

We are all connected
by threads of Love