*Special Note: Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. 
What a blessing for the both of us.  We’re very grateful!*
Three is stable
a building block
a triangle
The wholly trinity
you, me, and Spirit
• • • 
Those lips
oh those lips
Oohed out
in a super pucker
Remind me of
how precious
this very moment is…
• • • 
I appreciate you
with all of my being
Your spirit
your foibles
your gold
your shadow
All of you!

Sweet Yearning

Set apart, the heart
aches and yearns
without encouragement
the small heart turns
In appreciation and gratitude
expansiveness thrives
yearning is sweet
the Spirit and flesh alive
I appreciate life
and I am grateful!


Highlighting the big Ta-dah!
or maybe the fancy schmancy To Do
excites and appeals in a positive way
Whereas, all the falderal
the adrenaline rush
of hyper-fearful fictions
The negative spin
the gossipy trash
seems to sell big
As it’s adding excitement
to the roller coaster ride called Life


Bouncy, bouncy
the baby jumped and jumped
up and down, bobbing and dancing
Squeaky spring loaded action
hanging from the doorway
Bouncy, bouncy, squeak
giggle, giggle, squeak
Quiet for a moment
then a flurry of more excitement
I want one!

New Treasure

Each day, I discover
a new treasure
Some sparkly tidbit
that adds to the richness
of my understanding
and experience of life
Each little bit of time, I remember
 what new treasure
each moment presents
For each new piece of gold
is forged from the old
stuff of life
and it shines brightly
like diamond studded spirit light