Wings of Change

The affinity of angels
like a glue that holds together
keeps belief in loving miracles
afloat on wings of change
May the blessings of the ages
surround your presence
like a jeweled quilt of light
May the courage and persistence
of the eagle dining in the road
steel your stance in times of need
On the top of mountain peaks
or in the bed of meandering streams
the awe-filled heart
is nourished and loved
beyond any man-conceived measure

Flying and Angel Stuff

So many things fly to mind
when contemplating
the joys in life
Gratitude grows
when exercised
It’s in the exhilarating
dreams of joy
that we ourselves can fly
• • •
Angels don’t flit
rather they soar and glide
according to some perceptions
angels hover and sing
or something
Did you ever wonder 
if there’s angel aerobics?