God’s Jewel

A crystal
clear and whole
Contains a simple beauty
a microcosmic piece
of all that is, a jewel of God
And, so do you…

Hide and Seek

When in the depths
of the darkest night
it can be so hard
to remember the light
Yet the fact is
we need only turnaround
like the spinning earth
to receive the blessing
The truth is it is all of God
it is all light
We only choose to pretend
that we can play hide and seek

Part of

I must remember
‘midst the gnashing and fear
in the shadows of this world
that it is all love flexing
light waves dancing
presenting a gift of life
as I am
immersed in It
a part, a teeny tiny
infinitesimal part of All
Oh! The joy in that!

Spiral Hug

Spiraling in
into center
until centered in
the void that is All
and nothing, in peace
a peaceful – piece full
Spiraling out 
to infinity
to All 
ad infinitum
Love expressing

in one big hug

Spirit’s Tapestry

You are a thread…
in the tapestry of God’s presence

A note…
in the celestial symphony
of Great Spirit’s creative expression

And Great Spirit
is so in love with you