old abandoned and rusty
usefulness no more
still you could tell
dancing fingertips once
wrought harmony’s fusion
heels clicked and squiveled
skirts skirted and whooshed
terrains yet overlooked
blithely measured notes
now ghostly impressions
handsome decrepitude
enshrined in dereliction


Mustang Spirits

Hair flying, wild as crows at twilight
children alive and adventurous
played soccer with no rules
Every part of their mustang spirits
leapt over ravines of ignorance
mottled the field with 
 a compelling variety of life’s expression
• • •
Run wild for the exhilaration
Seek joy with open arms
Keep peace within the pounding heart
And, know that you are loved


A little-known fact:
Even the tiniest bit of consciousness
(such as that in a grain of sand)
manifests physical reality
in a magnificent way
You are truly magnificent!

Jive Alive

Jive, jive alive!
The spice of life
The twists and turns
Adds our unique
Flavor to savor
Upon the moment

Awake Once

Once, and only once
we achieve enlightenment
Awake with the very fiber
of our being
Once, each nanosecond
that we are fully alive