Deep Peace

There is an eternity in every moment

Throughout the day, take a moment

for prayer and reflection

There is unending peace there…


Deep peace rains
its misty blanket
upon my craziness

Each time
I check in with Spirit

Daily Alignment

Just like the pain
when the spine is misaligned
which affects every part
of the experience…
So the discomfort
when not lined up
with life’s purpose
May you align
each day, each moment
And so, lovingly experience
the natural joy place

Joy of Resistance

It’s not hard to do
what feels right
in our heart
We just enjoy resisting it
so we can enjoy it even more
once we allow ourselves
to do it..
A kind of roundabout
false valuing
which backfires a lot
I’m thinking, hmmmm,
why not go for the pure joy

Empty the Shoe

A rock in the shoe
throws off the gait
Misaligned by pain
causes peace to wait
It only takes a moment
to empty the shoe…

Stepping Into Alive

The choice arises new each day
between the busy and sleepy eyes
amid sullied plans of yesterday
and expectant visions of tomorrow

Nestled softly among decisions plenty
disguised as a subtle choice with no face
the either/or of it lost to better minds
so it is oftimes overlooked

Sometimes gratitude or love
will produce response – awakening awareness

In that moment choice is made
as a gentle shifting of the heart
a quickening of the spirits dance
whereupon a stepping into alive
brightens the countenance