Other Side of Fright

The hounds howled
as he passed
in the night
Nearly on tiptoe
slyly slinking
toward his light
on the other side of fright

“Whatever it takes,” his new motto…

Seeds of Choice

They didn’t plant anything
yet the trees and wind and squirrels did

And up came the odd plant
and hundreds of sproutlings
in Spring after the rains


They planned and prepared
and planted seeds of choice

Drawing patterns of beauty
which made sense to them
and after Spring’s drizzles
and energetic doustings

Plants bearing promises
of sustenance and inspiration
burst forth to grow from fertile ground

Personal Power

Personal Power

Stones of Change header
Personal Power

Personal Power Stone

The Personal Power stone dances in her power, instilled with visions and dreams arisen through her rooted feet and lifted up in exultation by natural attraction to the big ball of inspirations energy above.

This stone speaks of being aligned in reality with your personal purpose, living your visions, and being empowered by that place of absolute integrity.

Any stones landing in alignment with this one have something to do with your life’s purpose, and speak of how that purpose is becoming manifest and expressed. Should the Cloud stone land nearby, for example, it would indicate that your visualizations are aligned with your life’s purpose.

If, on the other hand, the Stress stone were to land very near Personal Power, it would indicate that somehow, even though you seem to be aligned with purpose, you have made the endeavor “a job.”  Perhaps you have “should” on yourself. Shake it off, center in the joy and thrill of it, and it will become alive with power for you once again.



Her excitement grew
like a shoot of bamboo
light, resilient and strong
headed straight up
to her lofty goals

Thrill danced in her
innermost moments
with dreams and visions
within her wildest imagination…

Raise the Vibration

Filled with the light of Spirit
Spirit, Spirit, Spirit
Thrilled with expression of Spirit
I’m a walking beacon of love
Hey there, sittin’ on the fences
Ho there, standin’ on the line
Yeah, you there, eyes downcast now
time to raise the vibration
Just smile
make a decision and move…