Finding Peace

An acre of paisley bushes
arranged since planting
in concentric circles and spirals
and other configurements

• • •

Entering the fantasy landscape
disfigured by misapplied thoughts
I can get lost in the maze
of twisty, turny constructs

• • •

And so, and thusly, I close my eyes
breathe deeply into my spine
rise above my own little thinking
To observe the beauty of complexity
from the distance of peace within


the carnation is considered
a more plebian flower
far less expensive
than the rose
yet, it exudes an odor
most sweet and delightful
and intricately garbed in
colors bright and beautiful
sometimes, a carnation
will more than suffice

His Spirit’s Glory

He finally came to accept
all of who he was…

And in that acceptance
came to realize
the glory of his Spirit


At the same time
he resided in the lodge of his heart
for the full season

Many blessings befell him