Thanks Giving

Thanks Giving

There is such an abundance of things to be thankful for…
I could start saying them right now,
continue speaking them every moment, every day
from here on
and not have finished on the day I died…
And so I do
Thank you for being part of this abundant life with me.

One of Countless First Steps

Opening to receive
an abundance of all good
is a service to everyone
As it clears the channels
of give and receive circulation
the lifeblood of thriving
The blossoming of a life’s path
the brilliance of epiphany
the miraculous unfolding
The current first step
on the journey of a lifetime

Prosperity of Relationship

A lifetime collection of friends
a bulging pouch of beautiful jewels
a wealth of warmth and love
Each friend of many facets
sparkles in my mind
rises warmly as joy in my heart
An abundance of kindred souls
each one a priceless treasure 
fills me with deep gratitude
Thank you for standing with me
and walking beside me
holding me in your heart
helping me realize
the prosperity of relationship


Giveaway clean
the heart of service
center of abundance
before the receiving part
One fairly friendly
and, not so wild, wild turkey
tarried in the parking lot
Head tilted back
Casual, unhurried
Showing off his wattle
and nothing more
One feather dangling
The giveaway bird…


Sunlight through the leaves
reveals their bones
their physical essence
So, light through you
reveals your essence
You are abundance
You are peace
You are joy and bliss
and all of you
You are Love…