Awakening Sometimes Means Remembering

Awakening Sometimes Means Remembering

Awakening to My History

Sometimes, I discover a photo or some other record of something I have created in the past, awakening curiousity. I’ve happened upon these things and then wondered, “Who did that? I’d like to see more,” or “Oh, there it is!!” Other times I simply experience chagrin, “Oh yuck! I thought I destroyed all record of that!”

Right now I am in the process of cleaning up this site, as it is going to be merged with several other of sites into a single site which presents a more complete picture of what I have to offer. I stumbled across this post: What words describe this painting?
I wondered where I got the image, so I went in search of… It turns out it was from a two-sided 3D piece called Awakening which I made for the Outside the Box Show at Placer Arts.


I completed the piece, photographed it, and delivered it to the show in a short period of time. I really enjoyed doing it as much as any of the pieces I’ve done for that show, because of the incorporation of sculptural problems to be solved. Awakening represents a pleasing marriage of techniques used in my early sculpture work in graduate school and my current painting.

I don’t know where this piece ended up. The way that show worked at the time, I never found out who bought it. Here is the other side of it, which hasn’t been shared before:

Having found more bamboo out on my walks, I just might play with this idea some more. I am working at awakening my sculptural urges again, as well as the 2D work.