Sequoia Dreamtime

Sequoia Dreamtime

Ancient massive trunks 
towering up to the sky
In your own dreamtime
of centuries passing
While temporal flashes 
of color and movement
from noisy two-leggeds 
and skittering chipmunks 
circulate around your roots
And ravens wing through the air overhead
I smell the subtle incense of your bark
as it glows reddish gold 
in the afternoon sunlight
And gaze up at all the unspoken mysteries
I will never know
May your roots be
ever wild and free, grandfathers,
as you reach for the stars of the cosmos…
–Marshal McKitrick
Image – Dena McKitrick
Congregation of Finches

Congregation of Finches

Congregation of golden finches
perched in treetops
Singing full throated praises
to all that is Life
Individually, yet together
no special ritual needed
– Marshal Mckitrick


No Questions

Two black butterflies
flitting about the treetops
Early Spring blue sky
Standing in the sun
Grateful to be alive
No questions needed
In the moment
Nothing else is important
Just breathing and experiencing
Thank you, Creator…
Marshal McKitrick

Warrior Woman

A beautiful cactus flower
nestled amongst the thorns
Strong and competent
Holding awareness
In the midst of unconsciousness
Always blooming
when needed, at the right moment
A blessing to awaken
those who have fallen asleep
A reminder that beauty and wisdom
Are expressions of Spirit’s strength
Poem by Marshal McKitrick
Image by Dena


Finishing Well

The warrior moves 
down the long tunnel
Nearing the light of a new life arena
He has come a long distance
over many years of boredom
and hanging on 
Waiting and praying for this day
with tenacity and grit
As he climbs up the ramp
He hears the welcoming crowd 
cheering him on and blessing him
for a job well done in his own
humble and quiet way
And, as he enters this 
untrodden field of opportunity,
Under the bright klieg lights
He knows in his gut
that he has finished well
and is now ready 
for this next life chapter
of  further adventures
Hip hip hooray!!!