Bear Herself

Bear Herself

Bear – Herself

Bear bows and dips
Pokes and delights
Ever fierce, passionate
Always loving, alive
Bear bless all
Carrys our prayers

Bear walks with wind
knows the medicine
keeps our secrets
tells our tales
Always dancing awake
Dreaming in the cave



There’s wisdom in your bones…
solid strength kind of wisdom…
holds you up…

You are built
upon a foundation
of wisdom

Lean on it
lean on your spine
and breathe

Let the wisdom
ooze out
through your pores

Tied by Chords

Tied by Chords

One note soft, but strong
lilts into another, loud and long
a vibrational path gleaming
all the beauty of the souls’ song

Tied together by chords, like threads
slender strings all inter-webbed

Other voices soulfully weaving 
emotions sounded – joy, anger,
pleasure, dread, a shift in rhythm

As a new pattern emerges,
dancers leap with passions urge
weaving strings of life’s meaning

Lacy blends from funeral dirge
through ponderous celebration
into delights ministrations



Spontaneously, they ran off to some 

exotic little sun and sand beach,

at coconuts

and played in life 

for the long final act.

I just read an article about Vincent Van Gogh. It told about how his sister-in-law was responsible for making him famous after the two brothers had died. She was able to get people to finally appreciate his work by sharing his letters which told all about what he was feeling and experiencing as he painted his works.

Somehow, that knowledge informed how I put this piece together (e-collage).  Comprised of several of my older pieces, it has the feel of a family reunion of sorts, yet it is a completely new piece. That’s one of the fun things about painting collage on my computer.