Oh Boy! I’m excited. The new transparent liquid acrylic paints I used to create this new universe are wonderful – everything I dreamed they should be. Plus the acrylic paint pen that I invented? Well, someone caught the vibe and actually created them! And they actually also work just as I dreamed!  This little abstract acted as the temporary playground for my new toys.

Someone important to me told me that my paintings were too busy to take in. She suggested I instead take a small portion and just paint that big. My little abstracts on canvas are that idea expressed. This little one, however, is pretty busy itself – having incorporated an entire universe and all.

This is part of the preparation for offering Spirit Portraits. I now have no doubt that I will be offering those really soon. I’ve got plans for a giveaway/contest type thingy here this week. I love it when things move along at the speed of galaxy’s rising.