Leaf Me Alone to My Own Devices


Today’s image was the result of a prompt in Melissa Dinwiddie’s “Creative Sandbox 101: Kickstart Your Creativity With the Power of Play” which I’m doing in her Creative Ignition Club.

I did two separate 15 minute sessions: one photographing myself and one playing with those images in Photoshop. I was strict with myself on the timing. I took 103 images of myself, playing with props, lighting, indoors-outdoors, making faces, looking all different directions.

I have needed a more updated image of myself, yet have been reluctant because I am not fond of how old I look right now (I suspect I’ll have to get used to it!), so I was hoping the camera would secretly do some kind of time warp thing and take a photo of me about 20 years ago. No such luck!

Of the 103 images, I gleaned 44 worth looking at twice, which I narrowed down to an even dozen to play with. This was the winner. It playfully expresses a true bit of me without making me look like Methusilah’s mother. Since I spent so much time ( a full half hour plus comment time) on this today, I am posting it on my blog as my daily image.

Thanks Melissa for the fun project, and the new way of approaching image making! I always enjoy your way of inspiring me to raise the bar on my creativity.