I have been feeling the pinch lately of not living up to my own commitments to myself always,  and I have observed that I feel much better when I do.  One instance that I have been fairly engaged for a good long time is the Daily Napkin project.

I’ve also looked sidelongingly at friends that have maintained a discipline for a goodly amount of time. I decided that this year, I am going to follow suit in my own fashion. This year, I intend to present a new image every day. It doesn’t matter whether it is something I drew, a photograph I took, or even a book cover I designed, as long as it is an image that I somehow created. This sounds like fun! I’m excited about the prospect of it.

Yesterday was the first day of this year. I didn’t post this image because I did not have access to a computer. I’m going to make it clear right here and right now that I will not be approaching this “fun” project in an compulsive fashion, so if I can’t make it to a computer, it is ok for me to post when I can. I’m glad that I broke that ground right off the bat. Just to clear the air.

I saw this lovely lush moss growing up through the astroturf on the stoop/step of the Grange Hall where our band – Souls Journey – played music New Years eve. It speaks volumes to me of how nature transitions even our most unnatural parts with grace and ease.  Lovely.