I lived a good portion of my life up in the high dessert area of the truly northern part of California. Living there, I learned a lot about wells: how they are are much preferred to hauling water by hand from the creek, how to douse for them, how to not try to dig them by hand, and the destruction caused by running a well dry. Most every man-dug well provides only so many gallons per minute.

Depending on my own will power and thought processes, I also produce a limited outcome. However, my personal creativity well seems to operate on a different system when I remember to lean into Spirit or the Muse. In that case, it more closely resembles the blessing of an artesian well. The more I tap into the source the more I fill up.

Lately, I have been focusing a portion of everyday on leaning in. Every workday morning before my husband heads off for work, I pick up a pen and expect a Daily Napkin to be written. I have committed myself to at least 15 minutes of pure joy painting every 24 hours. I always bring a sketch book with me, and take the time to draw over a cup of tea when out and about. This practice is expansive. The more I do, the more urge for creative expression arises. Sometimes I wonder how much joy I can handle.