I’ve heard it said that if you want God to laugh, tell him you’ve got plans. Well, a comic by nature, I did just that. I have been re-building my website one page at a time for quite some while. I was being painstaking because I wanted to make it better than ever before, as I changed the focus from what I can to do to what I absolutely love to do.

I completed the project a couple weeks ago, and was quite pleased with the outcome. Except for one point. The blessed thing just loaded way too slow. Turns out I had far too many sites on one hosting account, so I purchased a bright and shiny new one with more whistles and bells etc. (joyfulnames.com)

Therein arose the laugh, loud and clear!  Parts of my site are on wordpress, and part just pure html. It was my plan that I would just migrate this whole site seemlessly. HA!  When you are dealing with data bases, and 50+ image-rich pages,  it is a little more work than I planned, to say the least, yet I was persistant. Eventually, I was able to get the entire thing completely mirrored on the new host using a different domain name, re-configure where the original domain was pointing, and make it work great. Then I pushed the one button required to rename the old host domain so the other sites on there would be taken care of. Ooops.

I guess I did that too soon. There suddenly arose many little things that I had not done in the most kosher way threatening to either be corrected or they would stand out like a sore thumb! Weeks, months of work gone totally awry!

The Joy in all of this is that it is now all corrected, and even better than before. The parts function, and I can return my focus to what really makes my heart sing. Yay!