Wow! OK, so I did not start writing on here everyday. However, I have been feeling great joy everyday!

First, and foremost in the JOY category lately has been the experience of becoming a Grandma. I am so very deeply grateful for being able to be at the hospital the day my granddaughter (the first grandchild) was born! There is much I would say, yet her parents are very private folks, so suffice it to say I am beside myself with joy! I am totally enchanted with this little girl, and looking forward to celebrating everyday of her life. What a precious precious gift. Life is joy.

I am doing more of what I love to do lately. And, I see the joy of that practice becoming even more prevalent in my life. With all the financial talk around the country, I find great joy in the expression of life, and the fact that I get to continue doing what I enjoy the most for a living.

Every day there is a new opportunity to expand on creative expression, to flesh out new ideas, and share new plans. Each moment, I find myself at choice: (1) to allow guidance to show me the next step in expression and feel the exhilaration of that surrender, or (2) to block that incredible blessing by shutting it down with some form of fear. More and more my moments are guided, and I am in joy – the real joy of life.

Awake, aware, alive, amazing life.