I discovered something miraculous a while back when I was not having such a wonderful day. It’s a simple tool that has paid off in many joyous moments.

For many years I battled an invisible “dark cloud.” It would descend on me whenever I fled into that dark place called victim. I did not realize at the time, of course, that that was what was going on. I just felt weighted by this sense of doom and I did not know how to escape it.

I worked on myself with counselors and the ongoing help of many twelve step fellowships for most all of my life. Somewhere over 30 years ago, the balance tipped. I began having more “good days” than “dark days” and that trend has continued and expanded since then. I just don’t even have a “dark hour” hardly ever any more.

The discovery of the gratitude tool has freed me of even that. At even the slightest hint of doom and gloom thoughts or the heaviness that accompanies their energy, I remember gratitude. I start listing what I am grateful for. As I focus on the task of listing my gratitudes I shift back to the “half full” glass.

Granted, it’s pretty simplistic. Still, it works. Everytime, it works. I shift into grateful joy.