Along with the daily practice of creating something, I have expanded my means of expression. Besides my recent dedication to daily painting or drawing, I keep up a virtually daily practice called which begins as a meditation which leads to a poem or something like that on a brown, unbleached napkin slipped into my husbands lunch bag every day he goes to work. It is an act of love, and a ritual we have both come to appreciate since I began the practice the first day he went to work after we got married over 6 years ago. He’s been typing them up and emailing them to the blog for the last year and a half.

Recently, my husband was trying to find a song to sing for a local church which he plays guitar and sings at once a month. It had to be about something specific: receiving. One of the napkins turned out to be about receiving, and I heard it as a song as I wrote it, but I didn’t mention that to him. Several people that he sends the napkin to asked him if it was a song, and he had perceived it as one as well, so he allwed it to cook, and ended up combining it with anothers day napkin into a really nice song. It was well-received when he played it. What a wonderful thing to collaborate like that!

I am really liking the results of allowing creative expression full rein. And my graphic design keeps improving as a result of the increased creative productivity too. Win win and all of that!