Today, I am singing praises for artists like Melissa Dinwiddie at the Thriving Artists Project who seem to have dedicated themselves to changing the world with courageous impetus. Even more than that, they are sharing the thought processes behind their hutzpah. I joined Thriving Artists Project with intrepid heart, truly ready to move into a different experience. Melissa has provided a brilliant intervention and has been a huge catalyst of growth in me and my artistic self. I will be ever grateful for the artistic jumpstart.

In one of her many interviews with other successful artrepreneurs, she introduced me to Ann Rea, another thriving artist. They both share the life-changing practice of doing daily diligence (my words) in your art. I make my living doing graphic design and illustration. I love what I do, and yet my heart, my center is in expression through fine art practices. I had gotten so busy doing my (graphics) work that I did not allow myself the (fine art) work time. So, I was touched deep inside reading the suggestion that I commit to a minimal amount of engaging in art practice every day. I am a changed woman, certainly a changed artist.

Ever since I made the promise to myself that I would paint or fully engage in another inspired creative endeavor for a minimum of 15 minutes everyday, things have been changing for me. First, it hardly ever ends at only 15 minutes, as once I am engaged in the process, I will stay there until I feel complete. I am developing a fresh body of work. I have started a whole new series of acrylic and mixed media paintings. It is my intention to have a major show at a gallery this year. And I will do it.

Second, the daily discipline opens up my creative thought processes so that I am much more engaged and effective in my graphic design work as well. As I read in The Artists Way and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain years ago, tapping daily into the well of creativity will impact all areas of your life.  I am deeply grateful for the nudge back into the experiential remembrance of  this understanding.