I just signed up for the Thriving Artists Project at http://bit.ly/eVRlVk. I don’t lightly sign up for things on the internet. I simply don’t have time for a lot of stuff. I’m too busy trying to make a living, and better yet, thriving, being an artist. Somehow, though, the name of this particular website just fit for me. ;o)

Yes, it’s pretty obvious why. I have a really hard time with the popular opinion that in order to be a great artist you have to be starving. There’s the very logical and wise part of me that declares that that’s a bunch of hooey! Yet, still, business has not been my forté, and I always seem to have more that I could learn in this regard. So, I signed up. I am looking forward to seeing what the premise is, and where it will take me.

Years ago I organized my first bunch of artists for our mutual good. We did an auction called “Art from the Heart,” and raised funds to get together a cooperative effort that would benefit all of us. Suddenly, when there was money, someone rose up vociferously to lay claim to the proceeds for their own pet project. Art politic ensued and I backed out, only to try it again a few years later from a slightly different angle. It would take some time and concentration to count the number of times I attempted in earnest to create some cooperative artist thriving project or another. Everytime I’ve gotten closer, and I still have a few ideas up my sleeve.

In the meantime, the name of this project tastes sweet, and I await  it hopefully. I am ready to thrive as an artist, and I’m ready to be amongst a group of thriving artists!