I’m not just talking about awakening in the morning or from a nap, although I would like to say, those are both joyous occasions too. I love it when I remember gratitude while awakening from sleep, for example. It is my daily practice to silently give thanks for the gift of life, and the brand new day. That is a joyous and celebratory practice that brings my whole day a sweetened by gratitude flavor.

There is a deeper awakening that carries with it an even more intense joy. That has to do with awakening to my own consciousness, to conscientiously be aware and focused in every moment of life that I can maintain the practice of paying attention. This “awakening” provides a whole new level of joy, because it intensifies the connection between my aware self and Spirit (or the greater awareness).

Lately, I have been experiencing more and more of this kind of joy, especially as I work on inner acceptance of what Spirit has to offer me. Being willing to receive from Spirit, on a conscious level, opens me up with ready receptivity to all that is good and all that serves my highest good.

Stuff just keeps getting better and better, and more and more joy-full. It’s so different from what I am used to, growing up. It almost hurts, it’s so wonderful. And so, I am grateful.