“Where our work is, there let our joy be.” -Tertullian

Recently I have been blogging very little, because of lack of time to do these things that I love to do, that bring me joy as I work on them. About a month and a half ago my computer was hacked into by a trojan worm, and my computer went down for the 8 count. Just yesterday it came home to me, and they were able to retrieve some of the data.

I had been working for many months on a new project that I intended to launch very soon, in pursuit of my ideal work and money situation. None of the data for that survived. I’ve done a lot of praying throughout this whole journey, and I really “get” that it’s time for me to re-evaluate yet once more.

It seems the whole universe is shouting at me that I need learn how to receive, which includes allowing myself to give myself the room to pursue my dreams without guilt. To receive God’s blessings I must be willing to accept them. I’ve been one of the first, in my self-centered way, to cut my own legs out from under myself, even while I am asking for guidance through joy.

The Buddha said, “No one purifies another. Never neglect your work for another’s. However great his need, your work is to discover your work and then with all of your heart, to give yourself to it.”

Art, creativity, Spirit, clean graphics, inspired writing, singing, dancing, painting, drawing and capturing Goddess’s beauty through photography make my heart sing. They are my “vocation”, which comes from the Latin word for calling. My heart’s work is God calling me to pursue my joy so that I will fulfill that which I am most destined to contribute to the world. I know my work. It is time to give myself to it.

I have been reminded of these things many times in the last week, by key people in my closest circles and others. Sometimes, it seems, a message must be repeated over and over to me before I pay attention. I am grateful that it does get repeated.

So, this computer thing that I have experienced recently was like a cosmic two-by-four. OK. I am re-thinking. Seems I have spent a lot, A VERY LOT of time working with my nose to the grindstone for the last 6-7 months, only to reap no financial remuneration. There is something a-kilter here.

My conclusion: I must remember the joy. I must remember that God put me here and gave me gifts to honor and use in service to and for the highest good. That is a joyous experience.