When I say to a client, “Sure, I can do that!” it is based on years of experience and invested in developing technical savvy that I base my claims. Grounded in a solid fine art background, design is second nature to me. Besides that, I grok computer logic. I’ve been practicing my art for many many years. I’ve immersed myself in the flow of the technical highway, and it is a vast river with strong current.

In order to be up to speed in the graphic world today, it is quite helpful to embody a true love of learning. It never ends; the push to learn more, ingest even better programs, improve techniques, and slam dunk the up and coming marketing and promotional strategies. Yikes! All the while, the work keeps coming, and the speed limit keeps rising like google’s email storage.

Recently, I went back to school. I love going to school. I love learning new stuff, expanding my understandings, fleshing out my knowledge base, opening up to new ideas, appearing to myself to keep up with the traffic in the technical fast lane.