Surrender… I don’t always do it gracefully. Just one more little tweak. Now, just one more. Suddenly it’s two hours later and the piece has evolved into a whole different look. Sometimes that is exactly what needs to happen. Other times, I am just nit-picking myself into the hole of non-productivity, and it is time to surrender my perfectionism.

When I first start brainstorming with a client, throwing out the breadth of ideas, I simply don’t spend the time perfecting anything. It seems silly to waste time on work that will be mostly rejected for the one “winning” idea. Once that idea is chosen, then I dig in and start cleaning it up, replacing rough images with clean ones, and developing the vector image (if applicable).

Every individual has slightly (or major) different ideas about how they wish to be represented. Discovering the balance between a concept and an actual working design can be an adventure in communications.

Hopefully the end result will be exactly what the client wants and needs. Preferably, that design has been achieved through grace, which is only truly accessed through surrender.