So, here I am working on some project and I get a phone call: Emergency! Gotta have something for this afternoon! What do I do?

First off, there are no emergencies! Only tighter deadlines, in my book.

Secondly, if I have received the challenge of producing a graphic quick, I just breathe. There is joy in creating a graphic immediately. One of the greatest joys for me is to just open up my heart, and let the ideas start flowing through. As long as I don’t start off by second gusessing anything, I will usually have a bunch of ideas in no time flat. This is not to say that they are all good ideas, just ideas. The secret is to not judge them, let them unfold, in my mind, in my palette on the computer.

Quick sketches provide a buffet from which to choose. At this point, I may ask for input, or I may just put thumbnails up and go get a cup of tea. Then I can peruse the initial ideas with a fresh eye, looking for possibilities. Still I am not judging, as it is just the beginning of the discerning process.

I may choose 1 to 3 ideas to flesh out. Very rarely at this point do I throw them all out and start over again, although that is always an option.

These fleshed out roughs will be sent to my client for input, and the beginning of the proofing process. The secret, then to graphics on the fly, is approaching it at first with an open mind, the brainstorming model with no judgement.