I started seeking deeper knowledge of my life’s purpose when I was about 13. I read Siddartha by Herman Hesse that year: “The only thing of importance to me is being able to love the world, without looking down on it, without hating it and myself – being able to regard it and myself and all beings with love, admiration and reverence.” My Catholic grandma bought me a Buddha statue, and my Mom took me to dance with the bear and the Maidu people.

And so, my eclectic journey on spiritual quest expanded into consciousness. It seemed like there were a lot of hard things in life and I felt this calling to make it better for everyone somehow. My heart was opened, even as I entered the turbulent teenage years immersed in a life fraught with harsh encounters and pitiful choices.

My seeker’s path spiraled through the many years of uncommon life. Somewhere along that sustained course I discovered enduring joy. I observed that even in the depths of despair there is a Source of Joy lurking in my heart of hearts. I learned to lean into the joy with all my faith for sustenance and guidance.

I wish you that tapping into the artesian well of joy in your heart this day, and always. May your life be steeped in it.