I met with someone yesterday who wants me to completely redo his website. He’s an engineer and very good at writing php and software. He’s definitely not a graphic designer, however. Yet I’ve got to say he is one of the most creative individuals with whom I’ve been acquainted. His enthusiasm and passion for life are contagious. He has that priceless skill of being able to incite epiphany. I am sure the collective IQ of a roomful of any people raises when he walks in.

It’s my belief that each and every one of us has some art form, some natural outlet for our creative urge that makes our heart sing. Whether it be a fine arts expression like painting, dancing or playing a musical instrument, or the valuable art of uplifting someone’s psyche, the urge to express has been exercised, and the world is a better place for it.

To me, it’s the infusion of spirit – the touch of the muse – inspiration that makes it art. Craft is the accumulation of skills. You can be an artist without having developed any level of craft at all. Spirit expresses through you, your heart pours out and art is the process. You can also practice your craft without creating art. Mathmatical formula may produce something quite beautiful, yet if it is not borne of a conscious connection I have perceived some distancing or coldness about the outcome.

Of course all of this is simply semantics. As was pointed out in yesterday’s stimulating conversation, even quantum physics has concluded that it is all one, we are all One. So, you can’t art without craft, and you can’t craft without art. Nevertheless, contrary to what I always believed (we are all artists), I’ve discovered that it is rare to find someone with both old world art skills as well as techno graphic designer skills in this world of specialization.

I’ve found it to be such an enriching combination in my life. I wish it for everyone. It seems to me we could use an infusion of old world skill training in the graphic design world. Wouldn’t it be great if students regularly learned how to really draw before learning Illustrator and designing? Both Art and Craft would benefit.