Tomorrow evening I am facilitating the Equinox celebration at a beautiful place called Picollo Pastures down in Elk Grove. Before that, tomorrow morning, I am hosting the “Grandmothers” – the women that get together consistantly many times each month to plan, support, and hold space for the circle of women – at my house for final planning and breakfast.

I decided to fix a really nice vegetable, potato and egg thing. I worked for a good hour putting all the components together, put it in the oven and was carefully timing it, when my husband called me into the other room to look at something. One of the not-so-efficient things of being completely in the now is the tendency to get totally involved in whatever you are doing. Well…

Tomorrow I will be joyfully serving the brownest egg dish I’ve ever seen! It smells good. I so thoroughly enjoy fixing food for those I love. And I get great joy from playing with food.

The picture here is at the Agro Art Festival up in Lincoln California, which is put on by the Arts Council of Placer County. They have me (aka Ruby Grapefruit Pearl) come up there and teach children how to play with their food. It’s right up my alley! The kids and the kid in many adults create all kinds of creatures and other things out of raw vegetables and fruits in the Play Garden while sculptors and teams of artists work on more involved agro-art pieces. It is great fun.