Everyday gets better. Everyday I wake up in gratitude for the wonderful gift of life and the brand new day. I am a peace maker, a peace keeper. It is my job (as it many others) to keep peace in my heart no matter what life looks like on the outside. One way that I keep peace is by immersing myself in the eternal peace available to us in communion with Spirit. I enter that state of grace most often through art, allowing Spirit to express through this vehicle I call me.
We are all fellow travelers in this life. Welcome to a glimpse at my path, my travels, my view. It is my hope that by sharing from my heart, we may find our commonalities. Perhaps we may meet in that field of which Rumi talks: “Out beyond ideas of right and wrong, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” In the field of Spirit, where the love of God’s grace, the vast territory of Great Mystery exists.